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Certifications and Continuing Education

Jimmée believes that a good teacher is a lifelong student.

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours, Yoga Alliance, YogaWorks

  • Guided Meditation and Breathwork Expert, Sanity&Self

  • Teaching Yoga to Beginners, YogaWorks, 20 hours

  • Asana Intensive, YogaWorks, 50 hours

  • Yoga Philosophy Intensive, YogaWorks, 50 hours

  • Yoga for TRX, 50 hours

  • Yoga Tune-up, Jill Miller, 100 hours

  • Breathwork Intensive, Max Strom, 20 hours

  • Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise

  • Over 20 years of personal practice

"I love Jimmée's classes. She brings out my best efforts. Even more amazing, she is always checking out that everyone is bring safe and effective. Jimmée inspires me."      --Irene

Workplace Meditation: Services
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