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Workplace Meditation: Services

Public Classes

Evening Bliss Yoga

Join Jimmée at FIT Studio Colony Club for Evening Bliss Yoga every Thursday night, 6:00pm. We'll start with flow, letting movement release the tension of the day, move into longer holds to increase flexibility and relieve the aches and pains, and end with a guided meditation to restore calm to the mind. You'll walk out feeling blissfully restored, ready for a peaceful night's sleep. All levels, beginners welcome!

Thursday nights, 6:00pm, Colony Club

"I look forward to Jimmée's yoga classes and guided meditations in the same way that I look forward to hot tea, dark chocolate and naps. Jimmée creates a welcoming atmosphere, and makes yoga and meditation accessible for everyone. She meets you where you are, whether you are beginning or deepening your practice. During her classes, I feel empowered with options to choose what level is best for me. By the end of her classes, I feel inspired, peaceful and renewed. Jimmée has devoted many years of practice to yoga and meditation. She pours expertise, love and care into her classes, and it's a gift to experience them!"


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